Royal Gold Mask – Natural Premium Skincare Facial Mask?

Royal Gold Mask

Developed as a powerful anti-aging serum, the Royal Gold Mask combines gold nanoparticles and natural extracts for a rejuvenating skincare product. Please continue reading for more about this contentious gold-infused mask.

What Is The Royal Gold Mask?

Using real gold ions, the Royal Gold Mask employs natural ingredients to purify skin and reduce the noticeable symptoms of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Antioxidants are prevalent for their ability to protect cells against oxidative stress and other ingredients improve elasticity and reduce sun damage.

The benefits of gold, however, are not necessarily well founded. Some dermatologists believe that it might reduce hyperpigmentation and inconsistent coloration in skin, while reducing inflammation and acting as an anti-aging ingredient.

That being said, some studies indicate that it actually accelerates the aging process.

While gold particles do appear to rapidly enter skin cells, their function there is not fully understood. It seems that after absorption these particles can be stuck within the cell, disrupting normal functions such as movement, collagen production, and cell division.

How Does This Gold Mask Work?

After skin is cleansed, apply the mask evenly and allow it to dry for 25 minutes. Gently remove with circular motions.

Ingredients in Royal Gold Mask


With controversial evidence, the potential benefits of gold in skincare products are not widely agreed upon.

Olive Oil:

While antioxidants combat oxidative stress to rejuvenate cells and remove toxins, the phenols also found within olive oil improve skin elasticity and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Ginseng Root:

Known for its revitalizing properties, ginseng stimulates cell regeneration and improves elasticity for smooth, youthful skin. By aiding the skin in removing environmental pollutants, ginseng appears to delay the aging process and might offer protective advantages from solar radiation.

Ginkgo Extract:

As a natural sunscreen, ginkgo reduces damage caused by sun exposure while decreasing inflammation for healthier skin. Popular in many cosmetic products, this extract is typically employed to reduce signs of aging and appears to lighten skin tone.


By increasing the rate at which cells regenerate and dead skin cells are removed, calcium promotes younger looking skin. It might also strengthen skin cells for improved firmness.

Royal Gold Mask Pricing

One tube is available for $58, simply fill out the online order form with name and phone number.

Should You Use Royal Gold Mask?

Due to the controversial nature about the benefits of gold nanoparticles, consumers may wish to gather more information about this product, which can be done

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